Does I5 7500 Come With Cooler?

The i5 7500 is a popular processor among gamers and tech enthusiasts. This Intel Core i5 processor is known for its impressive performance and cost-effectiveness. One of the questions that often comes up for those interested in purchasing this processor is whether it comes with a cooler or not.

The good news is that the i5 7500 does come with a cooler. The packaging of the processor includes an Intel stock cooler that is compatible with the LGA 1151 socket. This cooler is a basic option but it does the job of keeping the processor sufficiently cool during operation. However, many users may opt for aftermarket cooling solutions to enhance the performance and longevity of their processors.

Does i5 7500 Come With Cooler?

Yes, the Intel Core i5-7500 processor is sold with a cooler included in the box.

Here are a few key points to further explain this topic:

– The cooler that comes with the i5 7500 is the Intel stock cooler, which is also known as the Intel E97379-001 or the Intel CPU fan.
– This cooler is designed to provide adequate cooling for the i5 7500, but it is not considered to be high-performance. If you plan on overclocking your CPU or using it for intensive tasks, you may want to consider upgrading to a more advanced cooling solution.
– The i5 7500 cooler is a standard heatsink and fan (HSF) setup, which means it consists of a metal heatsink that sits on top of the CPU, and a fan that blows air over the heatsink to dissipate heat.
– The cooler is easy to install, and comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware and thermal paste.
– In addition to the cooler itself, the i5 7500 box also includes a few other items, such as an installation guide, a warranty booklet, and a sticker with the Intel logo.
– While the i5 7500 cooler is perfectly adequate for most users, some people prefer to use aftermarket coolers for a variety of reasons, such as lower noise levels, higher performance, or aesthetic appeal.
– If you do choose to use an aftermarket cooler, make sure that it is compatible with the i5 7500 socket type (LGA 1151), and that it is rated for the appropriate TDP (thermal design power) of the CPU.

Overall, the i5 7500 is a great mid-range CPU that comes with a suitable cooler for most users. However, if you have specific cooling needs or preferences, there are plenty of other options available on the market.


1. Is the i5 7500 CPU shipped with a cooler included in the package?
Answer: Yes, the i5 7500 CPU comes with a cooler included in the package.

2. What type of cooler is included with the i5 7500 CPU?
Answer: The i5 7500 CPU comes with an Intel stock cooler included in the package.

3. Is the included cooler sufficient for normal use or should I upgrade?
Answer: The included Intel stock cooler is sufficient for normal use. However, if you plan to overclock or run intensive programs, you may want to consider upgrading to a more powerful cooling solution.

4. Can I use a third-party cooler with the i5 7500 CPU?
Answer: Yes, you can use a third-party cooler with the i5 7500 CPU as long as it is compatible with the LGA 1151 socket and has a TDP rating that is equal to or greater than the CPU’s TDP rating.

5. Does the i5 7500’s cooler come pre-applied with thermal paste?
Answer: Yes, the i5 7500’s cooler comes with pre-applied thermal paste on the surface that makes contact with the CPU.


In conclusion, it is clear that the i5 7500 processor does come with a cooler included. This makes it an even more attractive option for those looking for a high-performance CPU without having to worry about additional cooling solutions. With the added convenience, the i5 7500 is a great choice for both home users and professionals alike. So, if you’re in the market for a new CPU, the i5 7500 is definitely worth considering.

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