Does Gtx 970 Support Directx 12?

The GTX 970 is a popular graphics card that has been used by many gamers and enthusiasts for several years. With the introduction of DirectX 12, there has been a lot of confusion around whether or not the GTX 970 supports this new technology.

DirectX 12 is a new API that offers improved performance and efficiency for gaming on Windows 10. Many gamers have been eagerly anticipating the release of DirectX 12, but in order to take advantage of the new technology, they need to have a compatible graphics card. In this article, we will explore the question of whether or not the GTX 970 is compatible with DirectX 12 and what benefits it can offer to gamers who use it.

Does GTX 970 Support DirectX 12?

The GTX 970 graphics card from Nvidia does support DirectX 12, but there are certain limitations and issues associated with it. Here is a more detailed explanation:

– The GTX 970 was released in 2014 and features the Maxwell architecture, which is compatible with DirectX 12.
– DirectX 12 is an API that provides low-level access to hardware resources, allowing for better performance and efficiency in games and other applications.
– While the GTX 970 does technically support DirectX 12, it only supports it at the feature level 11_0. This means that it can’t take advantage of some of the newer features and enhancements that DirectX 12 offers, such as asynchronous compute.
– Some games and programs may still benefit from using DirectX 12 on the GTX 970, but it may not be as impactful as on newer GPUs that support higher feature levels.
– There have also been some concerns about the GTX 970’s 4GB of VRAM, which is divided into a 3.5GB segment and a slower 0.5GB segment. This could potentially cause issues when trying to use DirectX 12’s memory management features, which require more unified memory access.
– Overall, while the GTX 970 can run games and programs that use DirectX 12, it may not provide the best experience compared to newer GPUs that fully support the latest features and optimizations.


1. Q: Does the GTX 970 support DirectX 12?
A: Yes, the GTX 970 is fully compatible with DirectX 12.

2. Q: Will I have to update any drivers to run DirectX 12 on my GTX 970?
A: Yes, you will need to update your NVIDIA driver to at least version 347.88 to fully support DirectX 12.

3. Q: What features of DirectX 12 are supported by the GTX 970?
A: The GTX 970 supports all features of DirectX 12, including low-level APIs and advanced graphics techniques.

4. Q: Can I run DirectX 12 games on my GTX 970 without any issues?
A: Yes, you can run DirectX 12 games on your GTX 970 without any issues, provided your system meets the requirements of the game.

5. Q: How do I know if my GTX 970 is running DirectX 12?
A: You can check if your GTX 970 is running DirectX 12 by using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool on your Windows PC. This tool will display the current version of DirectX running on your system, including any GPUs that support it, such as your GTX 970.


In conclusion, we have seen that the answer to the question of whether the GTX 970 supports DirectX 12 is yes. Despite initial concerns about its memory allocation, the GTX 970 is still a powerful graphics card that can handle the latest software developments. As always, it is important to keep your drivers updated to ensure smooth performance and compatibility. DirectX 12 is an exciting development that promises even better graphics and performance in the future, and the GTX 970 is ready to handle it. Whether you are a gamer, designer, or developer, the GTX 970 can provide you with the power and capabilities you need.

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