Does Gamestop Take Pc Games?

In today’s digital age, most gamers prefer to purchase their games online through various digital platforms. However, there are still people who prefer to buy physical copies of games, especially for PC gaming. One of the most well-known physical game retailers is GameStop. But the question still remains, does GameStop take PC games?

GameStop is a popular choice for purchasing physical copies of console games, but their policies for PC games are not as widely known. While it is true that GameStop does take PC games, the process of selling them can be a little more complicated than selling console games. In this article, we will dive into the details of GameStop’s policy for PC games and provide you with a clear understanding of how to sell your PC games to GameStop.

Does GameStop take PC games?

GameStop is a leading retailer of video games and accessories, providing a wide range of gaming products for both console and PC gamers. However, there has been some confusion regarding whether or not GameStop takes PC games. Here is a brief explanation to clear up any confusion:

– Yes, GameStop does accept PC games for trade-in and purchase.
– PC games are typically accepted in both physical and digital formats, though some restrictions may apply.
– When trading in PC games at GameStop, the value will depend on the game’s condition, whether it is complete with a case and any included codes or content, and the current demand for the game.
– It is also important to note that GameStop may require verification of ownership for digital PC games. This can be done by logging into the relevant platform account (e.g., Steam, Origin) on the store’s device to prove ownership and complete the trade-in process.
– In general, GameStop’s trade-in and purchase policies for PC games are similar to those for console games. Customers can check the store’s website or inquire with their local store for more specific information about trading in or purchasing PC games.


  1. Can GameStop accept PC games as trade-ins?
  2. Yes, GameStop accepts PC games as trade-ins in their stores. They also accept digital codes for PC games that were purchased outside of their store.

  3. What types of PC games can I trade in at GameStop?
  4. GameStop accepts all types of PC games, including physical copies and digital codes for both new and pre-owned games.

  5. Do I need to bring the original packaging and manuals when trading in a PC game?
  6. No, it is not necessary to bring the original packaging or manuals when trading in a PC game at GameStop. However, the game must be in good condition and come with all necessary components, such as the game disc and activation codes.

  7. Can I trade in a PC game for store credit or cash at GameStop?
  8. Yes, GameStop offers store credit or cash as payment for PC game trades, depending on the customer’s preference.

  9. Is there a limit to how many PC games I can trade in at GameStop?
  10. No, there is no limit to the number of PC games customers can trade in at GameStop. However, the store may have a limit on the amount of store credit or cash they can offer for the trade, depending on their current inventory and demand.


In conclusion, GameStop’s policy on PC game trade-ins has been determined: they do take them, but the process may vary by location and specific titles may not be accepted. Whether you’re looking to trade in or purchase PC games at GameStop, it’s always best to check with your local store and familiarize yourself with the company’s policies. As the gaming industry evolves and new technology emerges, it will be interesting to see how GameStop adapts and continues to serve both console and PC gamers.

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