Does Freesync Work With Nvidia?

The world of gaming is constantly evolving, and two of the biggest names in the industry are FreeSync and Nvidia. However, when it comes to compatibility, the question remains – does FreeSync work with Nvidia?

FreeSync is an adaptive synchronization technology developed by AMD, which helps eliminate screen tearing and stuttering. On the other hand, Nvidia has its own adaptive sync technology called G-Sync. While these two technologies were initially incompatible with each other, times have changed. The good news is that FreeSync now works with Nvidia graphics cards, enabling gamers to enjoy their favorite games without any hiccups. This development has brought relief to gamers who previously had to choose between purchasing either a FreeSync or a G-Sync monitor.

Does Freesync Work with Nvidia?

Yes, Freesync works with Nvidia graphics cards, but there are some limitations and requirements that must be met to make it work properly. Here are some important points to consider:

– To use Freesync with an Nvidia GPU, it must be compatible with the Adaptive Sync standard that Freesync uses. Specifically, your Nvidia GPU must support G-Sync Compatible mode, which was introduced in 2019. Not all Nvidia GPUs support this mode, so you should check your graphics card’s compatibility before attempting to use Freesync with it.
– One of the requirements for G-Sync Compatible mode is that you have a Freesync monitor that has been certified by Nvidia to work with G-Sync. This means that Nvidia has tested the monitor and ensured that it meets their standards for compatibility and performance. You can find a list of G-Sync Compatible monitors on Nvidia’s website.
– To enable Freesync with an Nvidia GPU, you’ll need to connect your monitor to the GPU using a DisplayPort cable. HDMI won’t work for this purpose, and neither will older versions of DisplayPort that don’t support Adaptive Sync.
– Once you’ve connected your monitor and GPU and made sure they’re compatible, you’ll need to enable G-Sync Compatible mode in your Nvidia control panel. This can be done by going to the “Set up G-Sync” section and clicking the box next to “Enable G-Sync Compatible.”
– It’s worth noting that while Freesync can work with Nvidia GPUs, it won’t necessarily perform as well as if you were using an AMD GPU. This is because Freesync was designed specifically to work with AMD graphics cards, so some of its features may not be fully optimized for Nvidia. However, in general, most users should still notice a significant improvement in their gaming experience when using Freesync with an Nvidia GPU.


1. Question: Can NVIDIA graphics cards use FreeSync technology?
Answer: Yes, NVIDIA graphics cards can now use FreeSync with compatible monitors after updating to the latest driver version.

2. Question: Are there any limitations on which NVIDIA graphics card can use FreeSync?
Answer: No, as long as the graphics card has DisplayPort 1.2a or HDMI 2.1 or newer, it can work with FreeSync.

3. Question: Do I need to have a specific monitor to use FreeSync with NVIDIA graphics cards?
Answer: Yes, there are only certain monitors that are compatible with both NVIDIA graphics cards and FreeSync technology. Make sure to check the monitor’s specification to know if it’s G-Sync Compatible.

4. Question: What should I do if my NVIDIA graphics card is not working with my FreeSync monitor?
Answer: Try restarting both the computer and the monitor. If it still doesn’t work, make sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date and your monitor’s firmware is updated as well.

5. Question: Does using FreeSync technology with NVIDIA graphics cards affect gaming performance?
Answer: No, using FreeSync technology with NVIDIA graphics cards should not affect gaming performance. In fact, it can reduce screen tearing and improve overall gaming experience.


In conclusion, the answer is yes, Freesync does work with Nvidia. This technology is supported by Nvidia graphics cards on some compatible monitors. By enabling the adaptive sync feature in your monitor settings and enabling G-Sync compatibility mode on your Nvidia card, you can enjoy a smoother gaming experience with reduced screen tearing and stuttering. All in all, Nvidia’s support for Freesync technology is a great benefit for PC gamers who want to optimize their gaming performance.

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