Does Fraps Work With Windows 10?

Fraps is a popular screen recording software often used by gamers and professionals alike. It offers a wide range of features, including real-time benchmarking, video capture, and screen capture. With the release of the latest version of Windows, many users are wondering if Fraps is compatible with Windows 10.

The short answer is yes. Fraps does work with Windows 10. The software is regularly updated, and its latest version 3.6.0 is fully compatible with Windows 10. However, users may face some minor issues during installation, such as compatibility warnings or requests to install additional drivers. In this article, we will discuss the details of Fraps compatibility with Windows 10 and provide solutions to any problems you may encounter.

Does Fraps Work with Windows 10?

Fraps is a software program that allows gamers to capture and record gameplay footage on their computers. Many gamers have used Fraps over the years to capture high-quality videos of their gameplay, share them online, and study their own performance.

If you’re planning to use Fraps, you may be wondering whether it works with Windows 10, which is the latest version of the Windows operating system. Here are some things to consider:

– Fraps is compatible with Windows 10. In general, Fraps works on almost all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. This means that you can use Fraps to record your gameplay on a Windows 10 computer, just as you would on any other Windows computer.
– You may need to update your version of Fraps. If you’re upgrading to Windows 10 from an older version of Windows, you may need to update your version of Fraps to make sure that it works properly. Be sure to visit the Fraps website and download the latest version of the software before you start using it on your Windows 10 computer.
– Fraps may not work with all games. While Fraps is compatible with most versions of Windows, it may not work with all games. Some newer games have built-in video recording features, which may conflict with Fraps. If you have trouble getting Fraps to work with a particular game, you may need to disable the game’s built-in recording feature first, or look for an alternative recording software that is compatible with that game.
– You may need to adjust your settings. Finally, keep in mind that Fraps can be a demanding program to run. If you’re experiencing lag or other performance issues while recording with Fraps, you may need to adjust your computer’s graphics settings, lower the quality of your recordings, or upgrade your hardware to get the best results.

In general, Fraps is a powerful and versatile tool for capturing and recording your gameplay footage. By following these tips, you can ensure that it works properly on your Windows 10 computer and get the most out of this popular software.


1. Q: Does Fraps work with Windows 10 operating system?

A: Yes, Fraps is compatible with Windows 10 and can run smoothly on the latest version of the OS.

2. Q: Is it necessary to download any additional software to make Fraps work on Windows 10?

A: No, you don’t need to download any additional software to run Fraps on Windows 10. You can simply download and install Fraps on your system, and it should work fine.

3. Q: What are the minimum system requirements to run Fraps on Windows 10?

A: The minimum system requirements to run Fraps on Windows 10 are: Windows 10 operating system, DirectX 9.0c, Pentium 4 processor or above, and at least 1 GB of RAM.

4. Q: Can I use Fraps to record my gameplay on Windows 10?

A: Yes, Fraps is primarily designed for recording gameplay on Windows systems, including Windows 10. You can use Fraps to capture your gameplay and save it as a video file on your system.

5. Q: Is Fraps a free software for Windows 10 or do I have to pay for it?

A: Yes, Fraps is a paid software, and you need to purchase a license to use it on your Windows 10 system. However, you can download the trial version of Fraps, which provides limited features and recording time.


In summary, Fraps is a popular and useful software tool for anyone looking to record or live stream their gaming experiences. However, there have been reports of compatibility issues with Windows 10. While some users reported success in using Fraps on this operating system, others have encountered glitches and crashes. It’s always a good idea to research and test software compatibility before making a purchase or download. So, if you’re planning to use Fraps on Windows 10, make sure to check for updates and system requirements to ensure optimal performance.

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