Does Corsair H100i Come With Thermal Paste?

Corsair is a well-known brand known for their high-quality computer components. Their product line includes a range of case fans, liquid coolers, and power supplies. A popular cooler from Corsair is the H100i, known for its efficient cooling capabilities. However, many users are not sure if the H100i includes thermal paste or not.

Thermal paste is a crucial component in the installation of a CPU cooler. It is used to fill the small gaps between the CPU and the cooler, ensuring proper heat transfer and preventing overheating. While some coolers come with pre-applied thermal paste, others require the user to purchase it separately. In the case of the Corsair H100i, it does come with thermal paste included in the package. In this article, we will discuss the details of the thermal paste included with the Corsair H100i and the importance of using high-quality thermal paste for your CPU cooler.

Does Corsair H100i Come with Thermal Paste?

– The Corsair H100i is an all-in-one CPU cooling solution that is designed to offer exceptional thermal performance for gaming and high-performance computing applications.
– The H100i is a liquid cooling system that features a dual radiator design, two high-performance 120mm fans, and a high-efficiency cold plate that is engineered to cool your CPU efficiently.
– When it comes to thermal paste, the H100i does not come with pre-applied thermal paste on its cold plate. However, it does come with a thermal paste syringe that you can use to apply your own thermal compound to the cold plate.
– Most users choose to apply high-quality thermal paste to improve the thermal performance of their H100i. This is because the thermal paste helps to fill the microscopic gaps between the CPU and the cold plate, improving heat transfer and reducing CPU temperatures.
– Some popular thermal paste brands that users often use with the H100i include Arctic MX-4, Noctua NT-H1, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, and Corsair’s own TM30 thermal paste.
– Applying thermal paste to the H100i cold plate is a straightforward process that involves cleaning the CPU and cold plate surfaces, applying a small amount of thermal paste to the center of the cold plate, and carefully installing the cooler onto the CPU.
– Overall, while the Corsair H100i does not come with pre-applied thermal paste, it does come with everything you need to apply your own high-quality thermal compound, making it easy to achieve optimal thermal performance for your system.


1. Does the Corsair H100i come with thermal paste?
Yes, the Corsair H100i liquid cooler comes with pre-applied thermal paste on the cold plate for easy installation.

2. Do I need to apply additional thermal paste when installing the Corsair H100i?
No, it is not necessary to apply extra thermal paste when installing the Corsair H100i, as it comes with pre-applied thermal paste.

3. What type of thermal paste does the Corsair H100i come with?
The Corsair H100i liquid cooler comes with a high-quality thermal compound that is specifically designed for efficient heat transfer and cooling.

4. Is the pre-applied thermal paste on the Corsair H100i enough for high-performance use?
Yes, the pre-applied thermal paste on the Corsair H100i is designed to handle high-performance usage and is effective in reducing temperatures and ensuring stable performance.

5. Can I replace the pre-applied thermal paste on the Corsair H100i with my own?
Yes, if you prefer to use your own thermal paste, you can replace the pre-applied paste on the Corsair H100i. However, it is important to ensure that the new paste is of high quality and applied correctly for optimal performance.


In summary, the Corsair H100i is a widely popular and efficient liquid CPU cooler. However, the kit does not include thermal paste, which must be purchased separately. The high-quality design and excellent cooling performance make it a worthwhile investment for PC enthusiasts looking to optimize their system’s performance and ensure a better gaming experience. With its easy installation and smooth operation, the Corsair H100i continues to be a top choice for gamers and tech-savvy consumers alike.

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