Does Backlight Bleed Get Worse?

Backlight bleed is a common issue that occurs on LCD screens, particularly on laptops and monitors. It refers to the light that leaks from the edges or corners of the screen and creates unwanted bright spots on the display. Although it can be a minor annoyance, backlight bleed can also affect the visual quality of the screen, especially when watching videos or playing games.

One frequently asked question about backlight bleed is whether it gets worse over time. The answer is, unfortunately, not straightforward. Backlight bleed may appear to worsen or improve with time, depending on several factors such as the type of screen, the severity of the issue, and how it is being used. In the following paragraphs, we will explore the reasons behind the change in backlight bleed and provide some tips to minimize its impact.

Does Backlight Bleed Get Worse?

Backlight bleed refers to the light that escapes from the sides or edges of the LCD panel, resulting in the uneven display of brightness. It is a common issue with LCD monitors, laptops, and other electronic displays.

Here are some explanations on whether backlight bleed gets worse:

– Backlight bleed may worsen over time if the monitor is frequently exposed to high temperatures or humidity. This is because the heat and moisture can cause the backlight layers to expand or contract, resulting in uneven pressure and increased bleeding.
– Poor handling or transportation of the monitor can also cause the backlight bleed to worsen. This is because sudden movements or bumps can damage the backlight layers, resulting in more light leakage.
– Some users report that backlight bleed can appear worse when viewing dark or black screens. This is because the contrast between light and dark is higher, making the uneven lighting more noticeable.
– However, in some cases, backlight bleed may improve or disappear over time. This can occur if the monitor or display panel adapts to the ambient light conditions and adjusts the backlight accordingly.
– It is important to note that not all backlight bleed is the same, and the severity can vary depending on the monitor or display. Some monitors may have slightly more backlight bleed than others, and this can be considered normal. However, if the backlight bleed is severe and interferes with normal use or viewing, it may be a defective monitor that requires repair or replacement.


1. FAQ 1: Can backlight bleed get worse over time?
Answer: Backlight bleed is a physical defect in the screen and doesn’t worsen over time. However, it may become more noticeable when viewed in different lighting conditions or when updating to newer software versions.

2. FAQ 2: Can backlight bleed be fixed?
Answer: While backlight bleed can’t be entirely cured, it can be reduced by adjusting the screen’s brightness, using screen filters, or applying pressure to the affected area in some cases.

3. FAQ 3: Does manufacturing quality have an impact on backlight bleed?
Answer: Yes, backlight bleed can be affected by poor manufacturing quality. Factors like uneven layer thickness, poorly placed components, and improper wiring can all contribute to the problem.

4. FAQ 4: Can backlight bleed be prevented?
Answer: Since backlight bleed is a manufacturing defect, it can’t be fully prevented. However, purchasing from reputable brands and requesting quality checks during production can help reduce the chances of experiencing the issue.

5. FAQ 5: Is backlight bleed covered under warranty?
Answer: Depending on the manufacturer, backlight bleed may be covered under warranty if it’s considered a manufacturing defect. However, it’s always best to check the specific warranty terms before making a claim.


In summary, backlight bleed can occur in some electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, and televisions, and it is a common issue for modern LCD screens. However, it is not a problem that generally gets worse over time. It typically stays the same or slightly improves as technology advances. If you experience significant backlight bleeding, it may be worth seeking professional assistance. Otherwise, it is best to accept that it is a natural occurrence and doesn’t substantially affect your viewing experience. Overall, backlight bleed is not a significant cause for concern, and it does not generally worsen over time.

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