Does Avast Block Windows Updates?

In today’s world, the internet has become a necessity for everyone, and cybersecurity has become a cause of concern for both individuals and companies. Avast is one of the most widely used antivirus programs, known for providing robust protection against various cyber threats. However, some users have reported that Avast blocks Windows updates, making it difficult to access the latest features and security patches.

With this issue, users are unable to download the latest Microsoft updates on their computers. This puts their system at risk as they may miss out on crucial security fixes that could prevent cyber-attacks. It also affects the user experience as they cannot access the latest features of applications, making the system slow and vulnerable. In this article, we will explore if Avast blocks windows updates and how to fix this issue to ensure seamless internet connectivity and optimal computer performance.

Does Avast Block Windows Updates?

Avast is a popular antivirus software that is used to protect computers from various types of malware. However, there has been some confusion as to whether or not Avast can block Windows updates. Here is some information to help clear things up:

• Avast does not intentionally block Windows updates – the software is designed to protect the computer from malware, not interfere with system updates.

• However, there have been cases where Avast has interfered with Windows updates due to compatibility issues or false positives.

• Avast may flag certain system files or Windows components as suspicious and prevent them from being updated, which can cause Windows updates to fail.

• In some cases, Avast may also interfere with the encryption process during the Windows update, which can cause the update to fail.

• To avoid any potential conflict between Avast and Windows updates, it is recommended to disable Avast temporarily during the update process.

• Users should also make sure that their Avast software is up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of Windows.

Overall, Avast does not block Windows updates, but it is important to be aware of any potential compatibility issues or false positives that could interfere with the update process.


1. Can Avast block Windows updates?
Yes, Avast can block Windows updates if its Firewall or Real-time shields are enabled and configured to block certain connections.

2. How do I check if Avast is blocking my Windows updates?
You can check the Avast Firewall or Real-time shields logs to see if they have blocked any connections related to Windows updates.

3. How can I unblock Windows updates in Avast?
You can allow the connections related to Windows updates in the Avast Firewall or Real-time shields settings. Alternatively, you can disable the Firewall or Real-time shields momentarily to let the updates download and install.

4. Why does Avast block Windows updates?
Avast may block Windows updates as a security measure to prevent any potentially harmful files or programs from being downloaded and installed on your system.

5. Does disabling Avast allow Windows updates to proceed?
Yes, if you disable the Avast Firewall or Real-time shields, the Windows updates should proceed without being blocked. However, it is recommended to re-enable them once the updates are completed to maintain your system’s security.


In this discussion, it’s quite clear that Avast does not block Windows updates. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Avast and other antivirus software can sometimes interfere with Windows updates, leading to errors or issues. If you encounter such problems, it’s best to disable your antivirus temporarily or speak to their customer support for further advice. Overall, it’s crucial to always keep your operating system up to date as it offers critical security patches and performance improvements.

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