Does Avast Block Windows Defender?

In the digital age, privacy and security have become top priorities for computer users. As a result, the market is flooded with antivirus solutions that promise to keep your device protected from all kinds of threats. Two popular antivirus programs that are widely used by Windows users are Avast and Windows Defender.

However, many people wonder if Avast can block Windows Defender and vice versa. In this article, we will discuss whether Avast can interfere with Windows Defender, and if so, how it can affect the performance of your computer. We will also explore the pros and cons of using both Avast and Windows Defender and give you an overview of which one is the better option for you.

Does Avast Block Windows Defender?

Does Avast block Windows Defender?

– Avast and Windows Defender are both antivirus programs designed to protect a computer from various security threats.
– Both programs can be installed on the same computer, but it is not recommended to run two antivirus programs simultaneously as it could cause conflicts.
– When Avast is installed on a computer, it automatically disables Windows Defender to prevent conflicts between the two programs.
– This means that Windows Defender will not be running in the background while Avast is active.
– However, if you uninstall Avast, Windows Defender will automatically turn itself back on and resume its duties as the default antivirus program for the computer.


1. Question: Does Avast interfere with Windows Defender?

Answer: Yes, Avast can interfere with Windows Defender as both programs are designed to provide virus protection and security services, which can result in conflicts if they operate simultaneously.

2. Question: How can I verify if Avast is blocking Windows Defender on my PC?

Answer: You can check the Windows Security app to see if Windows Defender is disabled or not. If you notice Windows Defender is turned off with no explanation, it possibly indicates that Avast has deactivated it.

3. Question: Can I use both Avast and Windows Defender at the same time?

Answer: It is not recommended as having two active antivirus programs can cause conflicts, slow down your system, and provide less security coverage.

4. Question: How can I resolve a conflict between Avast and Windows Defender?

Answer: To resolve conflicts between Avast and Windows Defender, you can try disabling one of the programs temporarily or changing the settings to avoid overlapping security features.

5. Question: Can Avast and Windows Defender complement each other’s coverage?

Answer: Although not recommended, you can use Avast and Windows Defender together to increase the overall coverage of your system. However, you should adjust the settings to avoid overlaps and potential security conflicts.


In summary, it is evident that Avast antivirus can indeed interfere with Windows Defender’s operations. However, it is crucial to note that it is not always the case. This scenario depends on the Avast version and Windows Defender settings on a particular computer. Therefore, it is advisable to choose only one security program to avoid conflicts. Besides, it is essential to keep both programs up-to-date to ensure maximum protection against malware and other malicious attacks on the computer.

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