Does Am3 Work With Am3+?

The world of computer processors has always been a topic of interest to most tech enthusiasts. With the vast array of advanced processors available, it’s essential to understand their compatibility before making any purchase. In this regard, the AM3 and AM3+ sockets are prevalent choices among users. The question that arises is whether AMD AM3 processors are compatible with the AM3+ socket.

To begin with, AM3 and AM3+ sockets are commonly used by AMD for their processor chips. Both sockets have almost the same physical design, which makes them look very similar. However, a slight difference in the number of pins on them gives rise to some compatibility issues. AMD AM3 processors have 941 contact pins, while AM3+ sockets have 942. As a result, some AM3 chips may fit into an AM3+ socket, but the reverse is usually not possible. Moreover, the AM3+ socket has several upgraded features, making it more powerful than its predecessor. Therefore, it’s crucial to do thorough research before purchasing a processor to avoid compatibility issues.

Does AM3 work with AM3+?

AM3 and AM3+ are two different sockets used for AMD processors. While they share some similarities, they are not completely compatible with each other. Here’s a detailed explanation:

– AM3 is the socket used for AMD processors that were released in 2009 and 2010, such as the Phenom II and Athlon II series. The socket has 941 pins and supports DDR2 and DDR3 memory.
– AM3+ is the newer socket used for AMD processors that were released in 2011 and later, such as the FX series. The socket has 942 pins and supports DDR3 memory only.
– While both sockets support processors with similar specifications and features, AM3+ has some enhancements that make it superior to AM3. For example, AM3+ supports higher memory speeds, better power management, and improved thermal capabilities.
– In terms of compatibility, AM3+ processors are backwards compatible with AM3 motherboards. This means that an AM3+ processor can work in an AM3 motherboard, but some features may not be supported. Additionally, AM3 processors are not compatible with AM3+ motherboards due to differences in socket sizes and memory support.
– In summary, AM3 and AM3+ are two different sockets used for AMD processors. While AM3+ is superior to AM3, it is backwards compatible with AM3 motherboards. However, AM3 processors are not compatible with AM3+ motherboards.


1. Question: Does AM3+ CPU fit into AM3 socket?

Answer: No, an AM3+ CPU is not compatible with an AM3 socket. However, some AM3 motherboards are compatible with AM3+ CPUs with a BIOS update.

2. Question: Can I use AM3 CPU in AM3+ socket?

Answer: Yes, an AM3 CPU can fit into an AM3+ socket, but a BIOS update may be required for compatibility.

3. Question: Are AM3 and AM3+ motherboards same?

Answer: No, AM3 and AM3+ motherboards are not the same. AM3+ socket supports new features such as higher CPU wattage and PCI Express 3.0.

4. Question: Can I upgrade from AM3 to AM3+ socket?

Answer: It depends on the motherboard. Some AM3 motherboards can be upgraded to AM3+ socket with a BIOS update, but some may not support it.

5. Question: Can I use DDR2 RAM with AM3+ socket?

Answer: No, DDR2 RAM is not compatible with AM3+ socket. AM3+ socket supports DDR3 and DDR4 RAM.


In summary, while AM3 and AM3+ sockets share certain similarities, they are not fully compatible with each other. Customers should carefully check the specifications of their motherboard and CPU before attempting any upgrades. Upgrading from AM3 to AM3+ may require replacing the motherboard, and it is recommended that users seek the advice of a professional technician if they are uncertain about compatibility issues. Overall, while some hardware may be interchangeable between the two sockets, caution is advised when attempting any upgrades.

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